Tour to Arkhyz (included in the registration fee)
In the middle of the Western Caucasus there is a place which conquers a heart of its every visitor. In the forested mountains spreads a fan of magnificent canyons, sparkling waterfalls, silent rivulets and blue lakes. This is a place where mysteries of antiquity are still alive. This is Arkhyz. We invite you to an unforgettable journey through its landscapes.



This trip is not only to the beautiful mountains, but in the ancient times, to the time when modern Caucasus was an ancient state of Alanya. Ancient town of Alania with its Christian monuments dated back to the Xth century is a place where you can feel the spirit of the greatTamerlane.

 After a walk through the ancient town you will have a unique opportunity to almost reach for the stars. Our way leads to one of the biggest observatories in the world. You will see the biggest optical and radio telescopes in Russia, will learn a lot of interesting facts about starry sky and look to the skies with your own eyes. After a long and intense journey you will be offered to have a lunch among picturesque landscapes of Arkhyz. Try world famous Caucasian cuisine and feel the Caucasian hospitality!

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