The official venue of the Dombay Organic Conference Claster DOCC-2016 is hotel «Grand Hotel» 


About  Dombay

Dombay is a mountainous country in Karachaevo-Cherkessia (Russian North Caucasus). Wellknown Mountain Elbrus (5642 m) is some 65 km to the East and Black Sea coast 60 km to the West.
The south end of the region Dombai runs along the Main Caucasian Range. Mountain Dombai-Ulgen, 4040 m, is the highest peak of the region. 
Dombay meadow is located on the territory of Natural Reserve Teberda; this is the "heart of the mountains." 
You can go through the whole village just in twenty minutes. Thanks to this compactness of the resort all the hotels are concentrated on the Dombay meadow. All accommodations are located in close proximity to the ski lifts (you can take a look through the map of Dombay here).

 Climate of Dombay

The climate is determined by the geographical position of the resort, the proximity of the Black and Caspian Seas. In the central mountain zone the climate is moderately humid. In this zone the Teberda resort and the tourist center of Dombay are located, they differ from each other a little.
High intensity of solar radiation, which is the main heat source, is typical for Teberda. On average there are 90 sunny days per year and only 16 days without sun (in Kislovodsk there are 59 cloudy days), and during 250 days the solar glow is reduced by cloudiness a bit.

 Teberda is little windy, the average  annual speed of the wind is 1,8 m/s.
 The mountain winds from the Main  Caucasus ridge bring warmth in  winter,  so the average wintry  temperature here  is  -2, 3°C.

 The summer in Teberda is moderately warm with average temperature of  15,5°C. The best season is autumn: this season has the biggest number of   sunny days and the precipitation is little.
In Dombay the average annual temperature is 5°C, the average temperature in July is 15°C, in January it is -5,8°C. The relative humidity is 72% (in Kislovodsk - 74%), the average annual precipitation is at the level of 820mm.  

The winter in Dombay lasts about four months. The first snow usually falls in  mid-November, but it melts completely by mid-April. The snow cover is from  50cm to 1.5-2.5m thick. The winter is characterized by a big number of sunny days. 

In general the climatic conditions of Teberda, Dombay and the adjoining mountain areas are favorable for rest almost all year round.

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